How Do I Notify You of My Military Leave?

When you volunteer or are required to take military leave, please contact us to update your status. A customer service representative will ask for the information we'll need and answer any questions you may have.

Loans and repayments

If you're in the process of repaying a loan when you are called to active duty, you may be able to suspend making repayments while on active duty. If repayment is deferred, the outstanding loan balance – including interest and any fees – will be recalculated when you return from active duty. You can then resume payment on your loan under a new loan agreement or pay the balance in full.

Qualified military make-up deferrals

When you return from active duty, you're also eligible to make Qualified Military Make-up deferrals for up to the same amount that you could have deferred had your employment not been interrupted by your military service. You can begin your make-up deferrals in the calendar year that you return from military service, but you might benefit by waiting until January of the next calendar year. That way you can spread out the deferral amount over a full year instead of just a few months.

To take advantage of Qualified Military Make-up deferrals when you return, you'll need the following:

  • Qualified Military Service Make-up form
  • Military Orders

Please contact us when you return from military service to receive a copy of the Qualified Military Make-up form.

Get the help you need

Talk to one of our customer service representative for more information.

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